How It Works

 Each month we ship out a set of detailed COOKING INSTRUCTIONS for a regional BBQ delicacy, a custom made DRY RUB for that BBQ delicacy, and a BBQ ACCESSORY that will help you along your BBQ journey.  We also include wood chips if that month's recipe calls for it (or pellets by request).  Great BBQ recipes include Alabama Chicken, Memphis Dry Ribs, Georgia Pulled Pork, California Tri-tip, New Orleans Shrimp, plus many more.  12 unique recipes in all.  Accessories will include useful BBQ items like a spice shaker, basting mop, digital thermometer, or a pit glove, plus many more.   We offer 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions.  You can pre-pay (and save!) or pay month to month and cancel anytime. 

 We'll typically ship boxes between the 5th-7th of every month. Order by the last day of the calendar month to get the next month's box. Boxes should arrive 5-7 business days after that via USPS. 

Are you ready to begin your BBQ journey?